Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lucky You!

We have a naughty little leprechaun visit us every St. Patrick's Day and I suspect this year will be no different.  We don't know his name because he has never had the manners to tell us what it is.   So, we lovingly call him Larry because "Larry the Leprechaun" rolls off the tongue nicely, don't you think?  

The little stinker sneaks into the house, finds the kid's rooms and messes them up.  Clothes and underwear are pulled out of drawers and strewn on the floor and hung in odd places, toys out of place, and the beds unmade.   The only good quality that we can find in this little guy is that he leaves a sweet treat in an adorable box that resembles a black pot o' gold under a rainbow. 

The kids love this tradition and really look forward to their visit from Larry the Leprechaun.  I love this tradition because it's simple, easy and, well, I love messing up their rooms!  I am always cleaning them, so change is good!    Hope you enjoy it too!
Tools Needed
butter knife
double sided tape 

1.  Print the shapes on heavy card stock at a professional print shop. 
2.  Cut out the shapes.
3.  Gently score the fold lines on the colored side of the box shape using the dull side of a butter knife and a ruler to keep your scoring straight!
4.  Fold the long side of the shape up into a square (white sides on the inside).  
4.  Tape the tab (on the colored side) with double-sided tape and press to the white wall of the box.
5.  Fold in and tape the remaining 3 tabs and press them to the white walls of the box.  
6.  Add a little strip of tape to each of the clouds and stick to the top of the box.


  1. I love this clever box. Is there a trick in downloading it?

    1. Hello! I am glad that you like it! I am working on the problem now and will let you know when it is fixed!

    2. Did you click on the "Click to Download" button. It is working now. Please let me know if you have further problems.



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