Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Neighborhood Photo Scavenger hunt

It's fall.  Bright trees, the smell of leaves, orange pumpkins, cold nights, hoodies, scarves...COZY.  MMMMM-mmmm I love it all!  I just want to stay outside and enjoy every moment of this season.  Which is why I put together this fun activity that is PERFECT for autumn.  It's a Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Imagine a big group of friends running around in the brisk air, laughing and giggling as they find and snap a photo of such things as a fire hydrant, something pink, a Halloween decoration, an acorn and a tight space they can all squeeze in to.  Seems like a lot of fun huh?  IT WAS!
Posing like a tree, in front of a tree

Our group broke up in to 3 teams of 4 people.  I gave each team a list, a pen, a camera and 1 hr. to find everything on the list.  We had at least one adult per group to ensure safety.  When the hour was up, we gathered at the home we started from, downloaded the pictures on a computer and viewed them on a big TV.  It was so fun to see all the pictures and the creativity of each group!  It was fun to see familiar faces of the neighborhood and I really think that we made a few people's day a little brighter.  Two of our groups found every item on the list so we went through the pictures to make sure they were legit.  We found that one group did an Internet image search for 2 of the items and tried to use them!  The big naughties!  :)  So we ended up with one team that won.  I suppose that if you happen to have a LEGITIMATE tie you could award extra points for creativity and for using props or something.  

To finish up the perfect night, we had apples and caramel apple dip for refreshments.   MMMM-HMMMM!

So...here is the file for you to download.  There are two options... let me explain.  I originally made this list for a Young Women activity for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and it has two more items to take photos of.  One is a photo of their interpretation of "Arise and Shine Forth" which is the youth theme for the 2012 year.  The other is a photo interpretation of "Stand Ye in Holy Places" which is the youth theme for the 2013 year.  The other list is the same but without the last two items in case you want to do this activity with another sort of group.  
One team's interpretation of "Arise and Shine Forth"


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