Thursday, February 9, 2012

11 1/2 years ago when I was a blushing bride, I gave my bridesmaids some jewelry to match their dresses they would be wearing for my reception.  Each necklace and pair of earrings were wrapped in a small pillow box.  I had found the pattern to make the pillow box in a magazine, traced the outline of it on a piece of heavy card stock, cut it out and assembled it.  I was giddy with the results.  I was so excited that I could make such cute gift wrap with a bit of card stock.  The memory of those sweet little gifts returned to me the other day and I decided to make my own updated version of the pillow box.  These are perfect to hold small gifts like gift cards, jewelry or maybe some treats.
Click here to download the gray, teal, red, pink, or the green pillow box printable for you to cut out and assemble.

I mean seriously, how cute are these??

Tutorial of how to assemble these babies...

Note:  The outer lines are to cut, the inner lines are to score and and fold

1.  Cut the shape out.
2.  Score the inner lines using the dull side of a butter knife.   Use a ruler for the straight lines and just be very careful and precise around the curved lines.  When you score, use just the right amount of pressure to create a nice crease in the paper.  Don't press too hard, or you'll cut through the paper.
3.  Fold the curved lines first.  The scoring you just did makes this part a ton easier and makes it look great!
4.  Fold the straight lines next.
5.  Line the tab with glue or double-sided tape (I am a double-sided tape kind of gal) and stick to the other side of the pillow box.
6.  Line one of the curved flaps with glue or double-sided tape and stick to the other curved flap.  Do no repeat with the other side, leave that part open to insert your gifts.
7.  Insert your gift with a small amount of tissue paper.
8.  Close the flaps.
9.  Cut out the tag.
10.  Punch a hole in the tag and string some ribbon, twine, or whatever you want through the hole.
11.  Tie the ribbon around the pillow box.

And there you have it, a sweet gift for someone special!

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