Monday, July 9, 2012

Pillowcase Nightgown Tutorial

My daughter's sleepwear wardrobe is well....totally and utterly DISGRACEFUL.  Or I guess I should say, WAS disgraceful.  Seriously, I can't think of anything more hideous.

I am unsure as to why I don't like to buy jammies in the summertime.  Maybe it's because I would rather spend my money on clothing that she can wear during the day.  Maybe it's because I deplore those cheesy character jammies.  Maybe I am just too cheap.  Or maybe it's because it's too darn hot to wear anything to bed anyway during the summer.  Whatever the reason, my sweet daughter went to bed with a t-shirt from last year that has a grease stain on it and a pair of those bloomers that go under her dresses so that at least her diaper is covered.  I am red in the face because I am even admitting to this....the good news is, her bedtime wardrobe is now absolutely lovely thanks to this awesome blog with a free PRINTABLE pattern and tutorial found here.  

My grandmother, bless her heart, made each of her granddaughters a trousseau, and I am forever thankful for the many, many hours she put into it.   Quilts, afghans, dish towels and beautifully embroidered pillow cases.  I figured my dear grandmother wouldn't mind if I used one of those hand embroidered pillow cases to solve her poor great-granddaughter's sleepwear woes.  Here is how it turned out...

The tutorial is very easy to follow.  I am a beginner seamstress.  I just barely learned how to *sort of* sew a straight line.  If I can do it, I am pretty sure anyone, with a desire to sew, can make one.

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